We highlight the tropics

Traveling through Colombia in search of treasures

We are from the Tropics. Flavor runs in our blood. We are warm, cheerful, and generous. Coming from Colombia, a country that harbors 10% of the planet's biodiversity and an immense cultural wealth, fills us with contrasts that are expressed in diverse coffees, full of textures, colors, aromas, and flavors.

Our Purpose
Fantastic coffees grown by Colombian hands

The flavors and colors of our coffee-growing regions are translated into daily coffee roasts, where our team of cuppers and roasters gives each batch that enters the roastery a cup profile and flavor characteristics.

Our Team

Our Team

In our quest for a more economically sustainable coffee industry

We strive to distribute as much value as possible to the hands of the people responsible for producing some of the best coffees in the world, the coffee producers we work with. They are the artists, the men and women who, with craftsmanship, passion, and dedication, produce the flavors and aromas that inspire us in every cup of coffee we drink. They are an essential part of our team, as nothing we do would be possible without their product and support.

We travel across Colombia to find these artists, buying their coffees at economically sustainable prices and developing long-term partnerships with them so they have the security to invest in their farms, improve their livelihoods, and thrive.

Then, we roast and package the coffee, exporting it directly from the origin, shortening the value chain between coffee drinkers around the world and the true heroes behind every bean.