We love what we do and could not think of dedicating our lives to anything else but coffee. We started working in coffee more than ten years ago, opening our first café and coffee roaster in Bogota’s Quinta Camacho neighborhood after graduating from college.

During this time

We have roasted many different coffees from hundred’s of coffee producers in Colombia, visiting their farms and getting to know most of them personally. We have also had the chance to visit coffee shops in many parts of the world, learning from our peers in other countries.

Throughout this time, we have learned that our purpose is not to be the best coffee roaster in the world or have the sleekest packaging. Though we do want to provide our customers with an excellent product and an amazing customer experience, that is not what really drives us.

Tropicalia’s purpose is to elevate coffee’s value. To achieve this, we must source great coffee from great coffee producers. We must roast those coffee to perfection and package them as soon as possible to preserve freshness, so that when the coffee is brewed you will perceive all the flavors crafted by the farmers who produced the coffee and are transported to the tropics where coffee is grown.


We must also share their stories to the world, inspiring and transporting you those magical regions that are ultimately responsible for the terroir that you taste.  

If we do all this right, we are confident that coffee drinkers will be willing to reward us all with their trust, their loyalty, and be willing to pay economically sustainable prices that allow us to elevate coffee and all of us to win.

We sincerely hope you enjoy the fruits of our love as much as we do.