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PROCESS:  This delightful Gesha begins its fermentation process in cherry, carefully controlling its temperature and pH. It's pulped and continues fermenting without the skin, only with mucilage, until it achieves a fruity aroma. At this stage, the coffee is washed with clean water and then dried in the sun for 20 days. Total fermentation time: 48 hours


Floral fragrance, honey, and mandarin notes. SCORE: 90 


Luis Ernesto, one of our producers who has made significant changes in his post-harvest process, is undoubtedly a passionate coffee enthusiast. For over six years, he starts his day at 6 a.m. enjoying a cup of coffee from his farm. He recognizes that many Colombians don't know where coffee comes from, which is one of the many motivations driving him to continue promoting quality. He understands the importance of valuing Colombian coffee through the hands of those who harvest it.

Luis Ernesto tells us that the secret of his farm, Los Aguacates, is teamwork with his family. His wife, Eneida Olaya, 32 years old, is his greatest support, and he acknowledges her hard work. She gets up at 5 a.m., and her workday on the farm and caring for the family extends until seven or eight in the evening. "She allows us to have great coffee," comments Luis Ernesto.

This couple has two daughters: Alexandra, 8 years old, and Lucía, 12. Their son, Jaider Nieto, 18, is the oldest and is the fourth generation of coffee growers in the family. In the region, they call him "El Mono" (The Monkey).

Los Aguacates has ten hectares, six of which are planted with coffee and the remaining four are forested. This place has a rich history. It is crossed by royal roads that indigenous Pijaos used to connect communities in the region. Luis Ernesto recounts that during the construction of the house, excavations were made, and remains of Pijao indigenous people were found. "I moved them to another area of the farm and saw that their jawbones were very large."

We deeply admire this family and their life project, which is focused every day on the continuous improvement of coffee production processes. They see the future of their farm in exotic varieties. Right now, they are planting Geisha, Pink Bourbon, Moka, and Wush-Wush.

"El Mono" Jaider believes in the future of agriculture. Currently, he is studying Agroecological Engineering and also English to personally welcome buyers and convey all the passion and information about the work he and his family do. His project is to turn Los Aguacates into a sustainable farm from both environmental and economic perspectives.

"The peace brought us a lot of change, improving life by allowing us to enter our lands," says Luis Ernesto. The armed conflict in Colombia cost the life of his 23-year-old brother in China Alta, previously considered a red zone. "Now we live in peace and in a coffee environment of innovation. We are here to highlight and bring you the best of our farm.


"It is an honor for Tropicália Coffee to bring you stories like that of our hero, Luis Ernesto, and his family through our coffees"

Paola Laguna (co founder)

Roaster's Secrets "Luis Ernesto's coffees are always waiting to be discovered. Because he's so curious, he always tries different processes, which has become a challenge for me to highlight every attribute of his coffees. They have good density, allowing me to explore different temperatures during the roasting process. He makes it tough for me every time he sends a new batch, but we always manage to achieve excellent results with his coffee. It makes me grow as a roaster, and we collaborate on new fermentations, seeking unique flavors for all our customers. This highlights Luis Ernesto's commitment and passion, always willing to improve for you."

José Rosero Roaster

Barista's Secrets "This coffee is incredible, with delicate honey notes. I love the different flavors we find when preparing it with drip, it's a smooth coffee, so my recommendation is to brew it with a paper filter and use 7 grams of coffee per 100ml."

JHON Barista



Pink Bourbon


Luis Ernesto Nieto


China Alta Tolima


Los Aguacates


100% Recyclable

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Pink Bourbon


Luis Ernesto Nieto


China Alta Tolima


Los Aguacates


100% Recyclable